Optional Rules

Here are some official, extra optional rules for you to consider.  However, unless noted otherwise (and none of them are so noted yet until we get more feedback), please consider these playtest rules (in other words, we are not guaranteeing that they work perfectly just yet).  Send us your feedback to support@blitzcommunity.com if you use them and thanks!

9.6            Optional Rule 6: Sabotage.

When building units, your major power may spend one Resource to sabotage the specified enemy major power. You may attempt Sabotage once against each enemy major power each turn. Roll a die after spending the Resource:

1                Next turn you (not your opponent) spend the first Resource on an eligible enemy unit (see 7.3).

2                Next turn you (not your opponent) select which GAR unit will be built at no cost (see 7.3).

3                Next turn you (not your opponent) choose the first new unit to enter the target major power’s force pool (see 7.3).

4                Roll a die and refer to the Partisan Chart.  If the roll results in a country that is conquered by the target major power and which has an Oil or Resource, you may place a Partisan in any land area in that country. The Partisan will block one Oil or Resource from being used next turn (this is in addition to the results of next Turn’s Partisan roll).

5                If the target major power has any saved Oil, roll a 4 Factor Factory Attack; a number result reduces the Oil by that number.

6                If the target major power has any saved Resources, roll a 6 Factor Factory Attack; a number result reduces the Resources by that number.

9.7            Optional Rule 7: Non-Motorized Land Blitz

For the cost of expending 1 saved Resource (instead of a saved Oil) you can do a Land Blitz with the limitation that only 1 ARM, air, or naval unit may move and/or participate in any combat.

9.8            Option 8: Forced Passage.

Your naval units may move between sea areas that are normally restricted by a note on the map (for example, from the Western Approaches to the Mediterranean Sea when Gibraltar is enemy-controlled, or from the Bay of Bengal to the South China Sea when Singapore and South-East Asia are both enemy-controlled). Each naval unit that attempts such a move immediately suffers a ‘7’ point enemy attack; if the result includes an ‘L’, the naval unit must return to the base where its move began immediately; it may not move again during this naval movement phase. The ‘7’ point attack also applies when returning to base (see 4.1).

Even if playing this option, you still can’t move naval units from the Mediterranean Sea to the Arabian Sea while the other side controls Egypt.

9.9            Optional Rule 9: Looting

Whenever you could gain Victory Point(s) for taking control of a Factory, you may instead immediately either: (i) claim 2 saved Resources, or (ii) claim 1 saved Oil. You don’t gain the Victory Point(s) for taking control of the Factory.  However when you lose the Factory, you still lose the Victory Point(s) associated with that Factory. You can decide this on a Factory by Factory basis.